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ZITEK Corporation Introduce

     The leader in the most advanced market of LED technology,    

Striving for safer roads worldwide

Based on the advancement of its LED industry and technology, Korea actively started to improve the conventional traffic lights to LED technology since 2006.

As of 2019, more than 99 percent of the country’s traffic lights have been switched to LED traffic signals. So, for over 10 years, Korea has been the great testing bed for LED traffic signals. The technology has been constantly tested and proved, resulting in manufacturing the world’s most durable, energy efficient and stable LED traffic signals.

Being a key player in Korean LED market since 1995, Photron, the parent company of ZITEK Corporation, has accumulated great technological expertise in LED manufacture, fabrication, packaging and developing LED applications including traffic signals. And realizing the shortcoming of the current LED traffic signals, the company started to develop MeltSmartTM technology since 2007.

ZITEK Corporation has spun off Photron in 2016 as a separate entity, focusing on manufacturing LED traffic signals and high-tech signals such as MeltSmartTM LED traffic signals. We strive to develop and provide more advanced, durable, and energy efficient LED traffic signals to protect lives and build safer roads.